Diggro DI03 Bluetooth Siri Smartwatch

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Silver case + silver strip
Gold case + gold strip
Black case + black strip
Black case + black belt
Black case + black and red color silicone
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Activity Tracking: Built into the watch
Functions: Heart Rate Monitor/Pedometer/Sedentary Reminder/Sleeping Monitor/Remote Camera/Bluetooth Music/Remote Notifications/Call Reminder/Anti-lost/Wake-Up Gesture/Alarm/Calendar/Calculator/Stopwatch/Siri
Notifications: Text/Call/Alarm Clock/Social Media
Compatibility: Android™ Devices 4.0 and above, IOS 8.0 and above.
Connectivity: Bluetooth® 3.0/4.0
App: Fundo Wear App
Charge: Recommended charging voltage 5V, 1A. Usage of the high-speed charger is prohibited.
Waterproof: IP67, not recommended to use during swimming



FAQ Diggro DI03

1. Which phones are compatiable with Diggro DI03?

The smartwatch is compatible with Android 4.0 or higher/iOS 9 and higher devices. All devices should support  Bluetooth 3.0/4.0.

2.  Can I change the strap?

No, you can't change the strap.

3. What application should I download?

Fundo Wear App

4. Can I get watchfaces other than the ones that it comes with?

No, the watch provides 4 different watch faces for choice. And it does not support other apps or watchfaces. To change the watchface please press and hold the watch face until the watch customization screen appears. Scroll through watch faces variations and pick the favourable one.

5. Can I install other apps?

No, it is not possible to download other apps to Diggro DI03.

6. Is this compatible with WhatsApp and Facebook?

The watch reminds you when there are Whatsapp and Facebook messages coming, however it doesn't support download the apps on watch directly.

7. Does it have a camera?

No, it does not have a camera.

8. How do you adjust the wristband size

Get a screwdriver and insert it in the little gap on the clasp.Gentle push down over the watch face, so the plate lifts up. This will allow you to slide the clasp up and down the watch band. Once you have the right size, just make sure that the groove on the back of the clasp is lined up with the groove on the watch strap. 

 How to connect Diggro DI03 with your smartphone

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